Welcome to my web site.  My name is Roger Baron.  I have a full time job teaching at the University of South Dakota School of Law.  As part of my academic pursuit of research and scholarship, I have developed a niche for understanding and teaching the law relating to ERISA Reimbursement Claims.  I have become involved in several ERISA court cases over the years and, as my workload permits, I continue to take on new cases.

I have established this web site for the purpose of providing a resource for those individuals (and their attorneys) who find themselves the target of ERISA Reimbursement Claims.  This web site has numerous articles, audio files, and video files which are provided here as a free resource.  It would be nice if these claims could be easily pushed aside or defeated, but that rarely occurs.  If you are wrestling with an ERISA lien, I encourage you to take full advantage of the resources provided here.

Much of my work has been on a pro bono basis.  I continue to be willing to do an initial amount of pro bono work on any situation brought to my attention. Many of these disputes are not easily resolved, however.  In the difficult situations, I am most effective if hired.  I can provide detailed analysis and ongoing support.  Sometimes the progress of the dispute has proceeded to a point where neither I nor any expert can be very effective.  The key to a favorable resolution in each and every case is to address the ERISA lien issue early on.  The earlier the client and attorney address the ERISA lien assertion, the more effective one can be in obtaining a favorable resolution.  I am available to make an assessment of your situation and provide you with a customized fee proposal.  If I believe that you can achieve a quick and satisfactory resolution  of the matter without extensive involvement by me, I will be more than happy to steer you in the right direction.   Please feel free to contact me through the mechanism provided elsewhere on this web site.

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Congressional Attention

Remedial Legislation: Efforts to Fix the Reimbursement Problem

I have been a part of various efforts to draft proposals for remedial legislation concerning ERISA reimbursement.  Attached is one such proposal. (download Make Whole …

“Dirty Little Secret” – the Insurance Industry’s Subrogation Efforts

Congressman Greg Ganske, R – Iowa, referred to the health insurers’ efforts to seek subrogation as the industry’s “dirty little secret” in the attached article, …

Pension Reform Act of 2006

When Congress was in the process of passing the Pension Reform Act of 2006, there was an effort to include an unqualified right of reimbursement …

Patients’ Bill of Rights

There was an effort to address the injustice found in ERISA reimbursement in the Senate action concerning the Patient’s Bill of Rights in the summer …